With the advent of Wi-Fi, the internet and networking are once again booming with potential! 
At NETmosis, it is our mission to extend network and internet connectivity beyond wired limits. 
We ensure that our customers are able to quickly and easily integrate the benefits of Wi-Fi into their homes, communities, and businesses.

Matthew Dunning and David Weber first joined networking forces in 2000. They teamed to integrate and install Wi-Fi infrastructure, bridging remote networks for manufacturers in rural Washington. Soon they were installing Wi-Fi networks throughout their communities. In 2002, NETmosis, Inc. 
was formally launched to satisfy the growing demand for Wi-Fi infrastructure in the Northwest.

NETmosis Co-Founder Matt Dunning:
I was born into a design family and trained in Economic Geography at Dartmouth College (see Wired's Unplugged U). I gained valuable systems integration, database, and network experience implementing Geographic Information Systems. I put those skills to work building IT infrastructure and managing manufacturing enterprises. When I first used Wi-Fi to link my manufacturing sites, I was hooked. Wi-Fi is a truly humanizing technology. It brings freedom to computing. Today I work and play via Wi-Fi everyday. My data and tools are continuously at my fingertips and the resources of the internet are always on hand. Wi-Fi changed my world. Let NETmosis change yours.

NETmosis Co-Founder Dave Weber:
I earned my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington. I've spent the last seven years with AT&T and Lucent Technologies,  building the Northwest's fiber optic backbones. I know  the IT networks in and out having installed the switches that route calls, and  data networks from  fiber to satellite. I started installing Wi-Fi equipment to serve the needs of people outside the urban centers that are not reached by wired telecom networks.  Rural businesses need the same access to High Bandwidth and secure telecom as the urban centers. Wi-Fi is the rural solution. Just as cellular freed us from the confines of the phone booth, Wi-Fi  frees us from the  traditional office.